Join the team to elect John Mackenzie to represent the 22nd District in Delaware's General Assembly!

Let's elect...
  • a career educator to strengthen our schools.
  • a PhD economist to promote smart growth in our community.
  • a life-long conservationist to protect our environment.

I have been canvassing hard since early June, talking with everyone--Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Third Party voters-- and we're going to win!  I'm the Democrat in this race, but I intend to represent everyone in the 22nd District. 
I constructed a brief online survey to elicit your opinions on a number of current issues--let me know what you think! 

Any other issues that you want to discuss? Please email me at

It's the final week before Election Day, and there's lots of work down the home stretch. Canvassing will return to the high-density communities where we think can gain the most votes; join the team of canvass volunteers this weekend! The mail assembly program is finishing up, there's final fundraising, phone-banking, sign distribution, planning GOTV (get out the vote) for Election Day...any volunteer help is most welcome!

Email me if you'd like a yard sign and we'll drop it off!

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