Frequently-Asked Questions about the Triple Crown

What happens if it rains?  Will you cancel or postpone the event?
You will probably get wet.  No.

I registered online, but now I can't run the race.  Can I get a refund?
No, but thank you for your charitable donation!  It all goes to the four homeless ministries we're supporting.

But I have a truly heart-wrenching excuse!  Can't I at least apply this year's registration fee to next year's event?
Yes, if you volunteer at this year's event you can use your registration to run next year!  Just show up before 7AM on race day and ask the race director how you can help out.  We always need volunteers!

Is there an expo or pre-race pasta dinner?
No, not for this event.  You must be thinking of Stumpy's Marathon which is held in September, the Saturday after Labor Day. Celebrities invited for this year's Stumpy's include Bill Rodgers, Lolo Jones, Meb Keflezighi and Rosie Ruiz!

Is there packet pickup the day before?
No, just collect your race number at the registration table on race morning.  Preferably before your race goes off.

Do the marathoners and half-marathoners really run through the creek?
Yes indeed!  Some people charge right through, and some people get a refreshing dip in the water.

How deep is it?
Usually only knee-deep.  If you do get knocked over by the current and washed downstream, you can climb out at Timothy's Restaurant, which has a good beer menu.

Should I take my shoes off to cross the creek? 
We recommend keeping your shoes on.  There's no telling what's in that creek. 

Should I use regular running shoes or trail shoes?

The "Great Good Place" loop isn't even shown on the official map of the park...why not?
There are things the government does not want you to know.

What if I'm running the Triple Crown, but don't finish the half by 10AM, so I miss the start of the 10K?  Am I disqualified?
You are the opposite of disqualified!  As you approach the finish line of the half, you will be doing two races at the same time!  What other event offers a thrill like that?  Simply turn in a finish tag at the finish line, then head right out on the next run!

What if I get lost on the trails and wind up doing a lot of extra miles?
No worries, we do not charge anything for extra miles.

How come you only award one medal per age group?
6 events (including TC individuals and teams) times 7 age categories times 2 genders equals 84 age group medals, plus 24 overall and masters winners.  If we went three deep in each age category, we'd be handing out awards all morning like some camp for kids with self-esteem issues. 

When will the race results be posted?  Where?
I know you are all eager to verify your qualifying times so you can register for Stumpy's Marathon!  It generally takes me several days to get complete results for all our events posted on the TC website (, although it can take weeks longer when I get distracted by emails asking me when the results will be posted.  By special agreement with the Wilmington News-Journal, I don't send them TC results, and they don't print some confused version of them.